2021 Wine and Candle Photo Contest

The voting runs through Saturday, August 21st at 8 pm CDT, your votes will select the top 12 winners! Each vote requires a $2 tax deductible donation to As Good as Gold. You, family, friends and co-workers can vote as often as you like to make certain your golden is part of the winning line-up.

Please note everyone will receive an automatically generated e-mail receipt confirming their voting choices and donation amounts.

Is this your first time voting or need a refresher? You can read What is the Candle Contest for details.

This contest is more fun when you get your friends, family and co-workers involved. Let them know about our contest. If you want to encourage votes for just your dog, you can click on your dog's name and then share that specific page. We also have flyer you can download to post in your break room or pass out in your neighborhood.

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